Lili Alessandra

In the fall of 2008, Lili Alessandra was born as the new name and brand that represents an always evolving vision.

My desire to never stop learning took me from a career in retail to designing and manufacturing luxury soft furnishings for the home. My passion for artistic expression inspired me to study old classic textile designs that could be re-interpreted into luxe modernity.

At Lili Alessandra, we have the privilege of working with highly skilled artisans who translate each of our painstakingly detailed designs into magnificent works of art. Through their craft we have developed a complete line of highly embellished decorative pillows that are hand embroidered and adorned with a range of semi precious stones, such as tiger’s eye, amethyst, and garnets.

I work closely with my design colleague, Craig Aple, in selecting a broad range of luxurious velvets, linens and silks as the base fabrics used for each collection. Our passion for texture brings a unique mix of fabrics and colors that are defined with an array of embroidered techniques.

Our Hand Printed Collection provides our customers the ability to customize ANY design from Lili Alessandra. An entire collection of custom bedding and curtain panels can be uniquely created by selecting from the many choices of fabrics, hand printed colors and embroidery techniques. We are always amazed how a particular shade of linen, silk or velvet can be changed by the application of our hand printing process. A French Louie XVI inspired design printed on silk in pale blue can be transformed into an entirely different look by changing the fabric to natural linen with white print producing a minimalist neutral environment. The aesthetic feel of our product ranges from “old world baroque” to “neoclassical elegance” to “modern naturalistic”. The options are endless and very exciting! We welcome you to the world of Lili Alessandra.

Bed and Bath Affair - Lili Alessandra
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Bed and Bath Affair - Lancaster, PA

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